Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome Baby Belly Indo!!!

We are VERY proud to announce that we have added another brand to the Beetle Bugz Stable... Baby Belly Indo!

We have recently started wearing the brand (Ok... me Kirsty... not the boys!!!) to accomodate my "growing bump" (Which is due May 2012!) and were so pleased with it that we just HAD to stock it! I've found the clothes to be affordable, beautiful and of such great value. I'm so happy with these ideals and how they fit with what I wanted Beetle Bugz to be about (Affordable stuff making for sustainable families!) that I am beaming with pride at being able to bring them to people! :D

Baby Belly Indo is a brand which was designed by an Australian Mum for ex-pats living in South East Asia and Australia. All garments were made in a Fair Trade facillity in Bali, Indonesia. Her designs centred on generous maternity clothes, cut so that tops were longer to cater for growing bellys that inch up normal shirts, as well as side gathering to ensure even the biggest bump could be housed comfortably.

The designer chose fabrics that breathe and stretch to accommodate your changing figure, as well as ones which could be layered together to create new and different looks without introducing too much fabric, or having to change too much of your existing wardrobe.
Some of Baby Belly Indo clothing can be worn after baby has arrived or doubles as a nursing top.

Yep, the days of dowdy and frumpy maternity wear are long gone because today is the era when hordes of hip moms-to-be are celebrating motherhood by wearing trendy clothes that enhance the beauty in them and their new role...
Motherhood offers thousands of ways for expectant women to be themselves.. so why shouldn't your clothes reflect who you are and who you are becomming?!

The full range of tops can be seen at:

And their Nappy bags are GREAT too!!! We have the only other Faux Leather one (In Red) and it goes EVERYWHERE with me... even when I don't have the baby! It is so roomy and beautiful and just plain USEFUL! I can't wait to share these with other mums and mums-to-be to help them in getting their lives whilist out and about ORGANISED! :D But even if you are the fashionably lazy like me... they just do the work for you!

The Full range of Nappy Bags can be seen here:

Can't wait to see what everyone else thinks of them! :D

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