Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rocking up a Storm!

Well, after a LONG LONG wait, we have every one of our rocking chairs back in stock again!
Please check out our Ebay store:

Or you can go to our Facebook page and see all the photos and info there also. Don't forget to like us in the process!!! (Look up: Beetle Bugz Australia)

For those Bloggers out there, here are some photos of the range!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


To get you all warmed up for the September Cloth Nappy Hunt, we are launching a Facebook competition...

Get as many friends as you can to like us (Australian only!), when they join, get them to LIKE your name on our wall. The person with the most amount of likes (And people to like our business) will win one of our awesome new nappy wallets which are set to launch next week! RRP $30!!!
To enter, simply leave a message on our wall stating that you would like to enter and get recommending!!! Entries close Tuesday 31st at Midnight AWST!

Stay tuned for news on our awesome new product launches. We have just put up a LOAD of new products from Cherub and First Years in the Breastfeeding and Baby Feeding Categories. We now have everything you could possibly want! Checkout our Ebay store for more:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Glider Rocking Chairs Re-stock

Well, they are bbbaaaaccccckkkk!!!

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to source some new Glider Rocking Chairs.
Tonight we add a Light wood with blue micro suede model to our range.
Over the next 24 hours we will bring 2 more into the stable!

Keep your eyes open for some pics of our chair covers to come over the next week or so!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Thanks to all our current and previous customers!
We have just qualified for Ebay Store status. To do this we had to have 5 or more positive feedback posts from our customers. You guys have made this possible for us and we can now look forward to more streamlined selling on ebay.
Ultimatley this means that our customers will find shopping with us ALOT easier, will be able to recieve newsletters and special offers and best of all: It will keep all our costs down, meaning we can drop the price of our products even further!

Thanks again!

Check out our store:
and please add as a favourite seller or sign up for our sotre newsletter!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Glider Rocking Chairs Sold out!

We regret to inform our customers that our VERY popular Glider Rocking chairs are all sold out at the moment!

Please sign up to one of our life feeds to find out when we get these or other Gliders Rocking chairs in stock!

Twitter: BeetleBugzAUS
Facebook: Beetle Bugz Australia

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beating Big W at their own game

Today the Big W Baby catalogue came out... And I had a flick through. And you know what I thought? I can beat these prices! These aren't very low at all!

So I've made it possible for you to buy the same, equivalent or even BETTER products right here at Beetle Bugz. You can purchase these and many other items either through our Facebook store ( and search for Beetle Bugz Australia) or you can find them in our Auctiva Ebay store:

So How good are we at beating their prices? Well, have a look!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Whats better than a Bumbo!?

The Roger Armstrong Booster Seat and step stool system is!

Check it out:

These seats are awesome and allow thise bit of furniture to grow with your kids. Total investment! :D

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why I love my Rocking Chair

For those of you who follow us here, on Twitter or Facebook, you would know that we have an almost 7 month old Love Bug in our family. He is great... but this week he has been a little bit sad.

Ayrton cut his first tooth on Monday night and since then he has been a little bit grumpy, tired and restless. We hate to give him drugs but have been helping him out a bit here and there. But where they fall down the trusty rocking chair has come in handy. We don't have to put him to sleep using it (thankfully) but it is enough to soothe him while the panadol kicks in. As a result we havn't wavered too far from routine and apart from a rude awakening this morning at 3am, we havn't had too many other disruptions.



Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Keeping Baby Snug and Safe!

In keeping with our company's ideals of bringing things to our customers that we know will not only get alot of use but will be really affordable, we bring you 2 new products this week!

Our Baby carriers leave the big brands for dead. These ones are blue, well padded and can handle a kid up to 12kgs (The question at this point is do you want to!? But they are certainly handy for all those weight ranges in between!). These are great for when you just have to run into the shops and don't want to lug the pram and there aren't any kid-friendly shopping trolleys around!

Check them out at:

The Swaddler wraps are a 2 pack in either Pink or Blue and give baby that "Still in the womb" feeling! Swaddling baby not only damps their startle reflex to help them sleep longer and to drop off quicker, they are also a SIDS recommended item of bedding. So why not grab 2 for the price of 1 of the big brands and enjoy the convenience of always having a spare when one of "those" incidents happen!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Moses Baskets now in store!

Moses Baskets in a word are FANTASTIC...

You can chuck them in the boot of the car in place of a pram for the first few weeks (and even months!) of baby's life. Especially handy when your pram weighs a tonne like mine did and you have had a C-section like I did... It meant that when we were out I could just carry my baby and when we got somewhere I could put him down to sleep - even if there wasn't alot of room like in some friend's houses.

When it came to bedtime, I just put the basket beside my bed and was able to respond to any of my baby's needs in my sleep-deprived state without having to worry about negotiating the piles of washing, books and other baby-related paraphernalia that littered my post-baby-bedroom!

The Moses Basket that we have been able to get here at Beetle Bugz are exactlly what we used with our son for the first 3 and a half months of his life. He bunked in our room until we disturbed his sleep a bit too much with our snoring! So off to his own cot in the basket he went until he was ready to be put into his cot. This Moses Basket is so long too that baby can stay in it for much longer than any of the others on the market at the moment (Very important to us as we have a HUGE baby!).

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Rocking Chair has arrived!

In keeping with our company's promise to never sell anything that we wouldn't buy ourselves - we went out and bought one of the Booshwazee Rocking chairs that we are selling at the moment!

We were SO excited at it's arrival that we just had to blog our photo journey of putting it together... photos of it happily in use to follow!


Hi there!
My name is Kirsty Holland and I am the owner of the newly-formed Beetle Bugz Australia!
We are a family run-business from Western Australia and we seek to bring together the best products for Mum, Bub and your family!

The reason why we started Beetle Bugz is so that we could share all the fantastic things we have found as we work towards being the best parents we can be! There are so many wonderful products and services out there today to help parents, we just want to make it as easy and cheap as possible to bring all these things to you!

To start with we will be running our company through Ebay under the Username "Beetlebugz". We are in the process of creating our shopfront and have started by bringing affordable and great quality baby furniture to the market!

In time we will be adding Cloth Nappies, Mumma Pads, Breast Pads, Nappy bags and many other things that we have found to make life not only easier and more affordable, but more enjoyable! Being a family is THE best part of life... we want everyone to be able to have as much fun doing it as we are!

Thanks for supporting us and we look forward to servicing you and your family in the future