Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hello there Beetle-Peeps!
We are after some Road Testers for our Love Bugz nappies!
Are you interested?

You'll recieve a Love Bugz nappy in return for a (200 word limit) review and a photo of your bubs wearing the nappy! If you are interested, sign up for our newsletter! We will draw 5 lucky road testers and post you out your free sample nappy! You have till Monday to enter, so get clicking! :D

Entries Close MIDNIGHT AWST 30th May, 2011

To join our mailing list either use the form on our blog or HERE on our page!

Looking forward to seeing your opinions and sharing them with the MCN community! :D

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Busy days for Beetle Bugz Australia!

Well it has been VERY busy here at the Beetle Bugz Australia Office!
We've decided to put together this little "newsletter" to bring everyone up to date!

To celebrate us reaching 250 Likers on our Facebook Page, we are honoring a 20% discount on our Love Bugz Products in store for purchases over $50. Upon checkout, just put your payment method as "Request Totals" and we'll discount your order and send it back to you for payment!

Why are we doing it this way? because our shopping cart software is having an issue publishing the discounts on Love Bugz products!

WELCOME Em's Ear Muffs!
It is a little bit old news, but we are now a dealer for Em's for Kids. Em's is short for Ear-Muffs and are something we LOVE! We have been using ours since Ayrton was 3 months old and this was because we are so involved in Motorsports that it was inevitable that he would be dragged along to something! He is loves them and we have lots of cute photos of him in them at the recent WA Round of the V8 Supercars!

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of the official Em's kid and see them IN STORE! They are under the "Baby Safety" Section of the Beetle Bugz store website.

SPEEDFM and Motorsport Mama Sponsorship
Because we love Motorsport and the people in it SO much, we have decided to sponsor a few events and services. Namely Speed FM (A radio station dedicated to all things Motorsport) and (A Blog dedicated to parents and partners in Motorsport).

So keep your ears open at Castrol Edge Winternationals at Willow Bank Raceway in a few weeks as we are hoping to get heard and seen! But stay tuned for info on this as it arises! :D We're pretty excited!!!

Our Relationship with Motorsport Mama is making the odd product available for prize give-aways and writting the odd blog post for them.

Keep your eyes and ears open for future appearances with Girl Torque and The Australian Women's Motorsport Network too!

We are working on making some new product relationship with other WAHM businesses to sell their products through our website and also sharing market stalls at the Perth Kids and Babies markets! :D

So all in all we're pretty busy. Everything is going GREAT with the website, so duck over there and have a look! It is always growing and changing!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mailing List

We have a new mailing list!!! You can sign up to it via the link on our website or on the right hand pane of our blog :D

We'll be putting some vouchers in the email "post" for those who sign up now! :D

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Impressive Savings!

I have always thought about what you could do with that $2500 minimum savings that you make when using cloth nappies. So what would the frugal mummy do with that if she had the money to spare?

Well, she could shove it into a BankWest Kids Bonus saver account (HERE) which has a 10.00% interest on it for a minimum $25.00 per month deposit. So if you kept that going for 18 years, say until your kid graduates high school, buys their first car, goes to uni or buys a house.... what could you give them?

Well, as you can see from below... it isn't anything to be sneezed at! It seems that going cloth really DOES have it's long term advantages! :D About $30,000 worth! And if you can see, that is only with just over $7000 worth of investing over 18 years on your behalf... Food for thought!

Why use Cloth?

I "borrowed" this video from a Canadian Cloth Nappy advocay website. Have been waiting for blogger to come back online to chare it with ya'lll! :D

It is based off the old "SHAM -WOW!" commerical if you can remember Vince. This lady does a REALLY good job and I can see why she won their video competition.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Found Us!?

We've just noticed that of all our pages and Social Network accounts, it is our Blog that actually comes up before anything else when you Google Beetle Bugz!

If you are looking for our store, either click the link above of this one:


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We are also going to be doing some Link exchanges with other Mumma blogs that do product reviews, comment on social trends and health and environmental factors! Check back in this thread often to see what we've dug up! :D


We are also going to be doing some Link exchanges with other Mumma blogs that do product reviews, comment on social trends and health and environmental factors! Check back in this thread often to see what we've dug up! :D

New Product Review Thread

We are developing a new way of bringing you the most up-to-date product information through this new Product Reviews thread. This will give us a chance to introduce our new product lines, show you what people outside of Beetle Bugz are saying about them and give you a chance to comment on them also!!!