Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Mach 2 Nappy... a Sneak Peak!

The outline of the new Mach 2 nappies can be seen below...
The design is a Modern Cloth Nappy Pocket. It has internal gussets, PUL and Suede Cloth lining, 4 rows of rise snaps (We calculate it will fit from 3kgs and up), crossover snaps for easy roll-up and sealing when full and each nappy will come with 2 Coolaboo Inserts. You can read all about Coolaboo on our website

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WANTED - New Nappy testers for the Mach 2 Nappy!
We are going to be releasing the Mach 2 Nappy on Monday and are after some testers to help us kick start the review process. If you are interested please your name to

All testers will be supplied with 1 new Mach 2 Nappy and will be required to place a review on the Nappy Reviews Website.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Silicone, Silicon and Silly Cones... Spelling makes all the difference! :D

Spelling makes ALL the difference...
Did you know that there is a HUGE difference between Silicone and Silicon? I am an engineer and I never picked up on the importance of this till one of my VERY switched on customers pointed it out to me...

Although it may appear that the words silicon and silicone can be used interchangeably, there are some significant differences between them. Silicon is a natural chemical element found in great abundance on Earth, primarily as a major component of common sand. Silicon is generally found in a crystalline form. Silicone is a man-made substance derived from silicon and other chemicals, and it may be a liquid or a rubber-like plastic polymer.
                                                                                                                              From HERE...

That might sound like alot of gobbildigook, but what it boils down to is that these 2 difference substances do 2 very different things! They have different jobs and functions and different properties.
It is important, as we'd all know, to have the right thing for the job. Well the SILICONE that we have been using via Cherub Baby has been sleeved over their glass bottles and acts as a temperature dependent colour change cover. It takes a few hits and looks great all at the same time sparing babies from harmful chemicals such as BPA and lead!

We have been selling Cherub Glass bottles for a while, but have only just upgraded to the Colour change covers for all the colours in the rainbow!

A review of the was recently done HERE at Kid Independent... 
A cool feature of these silicon sleeves is their ability to change colour to alert you if the bottle gets too hot {above 42 degrees celsius}. Big thumbs up all around for this feature… also makes a fun experiment for your older kids {…think flashbacks to the hypercolour era}.
We have been running an ongoing competition with these bottles over at the Beetle Bugz Facebook page! If we can reach 700 likers we will be giving away a 2 pack of 240ml bottles. If you get some of your friends to like us and mention that you sent us, you can get extra entries also!
This is an open ended competition and will be drawn once we hit the 700 liker mark. Everyone between now and 700 that likes is automatically entered into the draw!

So get sharing!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

In response...

I recently ran across a review on the Nappy Reviews website about our Love Bugz Nappies.
I love our nappies and it always disapoints me when people get the wrong image of our brand. I am open to criticisim and welcome correction where needed, but there are a few home truths that I really have to set straight. I didn't feel invading our customer's own forum and airing them there was appropriate... so I will test the waters here...

This is in response to the review here:

Hi there - Kirsty from Beetle Bugz here...
Just wanted to set a few things straight regarding something from a previous poster (Bec).
We aren't selling ALVA nappies. We are selling the original design that the factory that manufactures ALVA then switched to. The factory we use also manufactures ALVA nappies, hence why we have access to the fabrics that these people use in their outer PUL Pockets also. The PUL quality can't be beaten in it's sustainability and affordability.

Additional to that, our nappies don't use the same inserts material as most Chinese imports do. We have a fabric milled for us (That a few other nappy brands have recently also picked up for use in their own designs) which is called Coolaboo. This is the premium option and is more expensive than the Bamboo Terry (Actually Reyon Terry, not 100% Bamboo in most instances) and is why our nappies are slightly more expensive.

Love Bugz Nappies are a growing brand. We make compromises in our use of fabrics that are available on the open market and run the risk of other companies (including the factory itself!) copying our designs and attempting to under cut us on price. At the end of the day we are working to create a premium brand for an affordable price for people to be able to build a predominantly work horse stash.
In doing this though, one compromise that we won't step away from is Fair Trade, and while simple importers of Chinese nappies mostly don't have a clue about the origins of the nappies they are selling, we have Fair Trade certification on ours. And that is another cost factor on us. Some aspects of quality are deeper than appearances and price alone.