Monday, June 27, 2011

Have I told you that I Love you?

Hi there... I'm Kirsty. The Mumma behind Beetle Bugz.
I thought I'd take a short step outside the regular business posts and just take some time to write about my family.
They are the reason why I started this business in the first place and are the ones who support me even when I neglect them to pursue it!

My husband Spud is my rock. He has been SO fantastic in letting me pour my time (and housekeeping) efforts into this business. He has recently changed jobs and had had many other pressures. But he still takes the time to tell me he loves me, does the washing up and looks after Ayrton in the evenings so that I can get as much "work" stuff done as possible. I just want to tell him "I love you too babe!" :D

And Ayrton. My little guy who "waits" when I tell him to wait for me to finish things at "work".
For an 18 month old he really is the most patient and loving kid. He doesn't take me seriously when I say "Don't touch that! Stop!!!!" as I found today when he fell down the back stairs while I was hanging out the washing. But he is learning! But most of all?
He is teaching me! I am SO thankful for him. When I got married I thought that was how I would be most shaped. I thought this person who is my soul mate would reflect all of who I am and will help make me better. That happened. But having Ayrton is like having a SUPER mirror with lots of flood lights shinning on me. He reflects all my good and bad habbits. He makes me look at myself and constantly want to be better for him.

He is sitting here watching Play School at the moment and loving every second.
While there are times where letting him do stuff like that makes me feel like an absolute failure. But there are other times where he does something that I have strived for months to teach him and it is like he just made it up! It makes me feel like there is hope for me yet!

So guys... I LOVE YOU! Just so you know...

Now lets resume services as normal ;) Whatever that is! hehehe...

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