Monday, June 27, 2011

Have I told you that I Love you?

Hi there... I'm Kirsty. The Mumma behind Beetle Bugz.
I thought I'd take a short step outside the regular business posts and just take some time to write about my family.
They are the reason why I started this business in the first place and are the ones who support me even when I neglect them to pursue it!

My husband Spud is my rock. He has been SO fantastic in letting me pour my time (and housekeeping) efforts into this business. He has recently changed jobs and had had many other pressures. But he still takes the time to tell me he loves me, does the washing up and looks after Ayrton in the evenings so that I can get as much "work" stuff done as possible. I just want to tell him "I love you too babe!" :D

And Ayrton. My little guy who "waits" when I tell him to wait for me to finish things at "work".
For an 18 month old he really is the most patient and loving kid. He doesn't take me seriously when I say "Don't touch that! Stop!!!!" as I found today when he fell down the back stairs while I was hanging out the washing. But he is learning! But most of all?
He is teaching me! I am SO thankful for him. When I got married I thought that was how I would be most shaped. I thought this person who is my soul mate would reflect all of who I am and will help make me better. That happened. But having Ayrton is like having a SUPER mirror with lots of flood lights shinning on me. He reflects all my good and bad habbits. He makes me look at myself and constantly want to be better for him.

He is sitting here watching Play School at the moment and loving every second.
While there are times where letting him do stuff like that makes me feel like an absolute failure. But there are other times where he does something that I have strived for months to teach him and it is like he just made it up! It makes me feel like there is hope for me yet!

So guys... I LOVE YOU! Just so you know...

Now lets resume services as normal ;) Whatever that is! hehehe...

Monday, June 20, 2011

We Love Mummies!!!

We love Mummies of every kind here at Beetle Bugz...
We provide products that meet the needs of all kinds of mummies too!
Breast or Bottle, we don't descriminate. There are products to enrich that period of your day and your life!!!

But in celebration of these women's show of support for one another, we're putting our Breastfeeding coverlets from "Pretty Well Covered" on a special sale!
Normally they are $30 but today only, they are down to $25!!!!

We believe that anything that makes you feel more confident and comfortable will keep you breastfeeding for longer, if that is what you want!
Find them HERE! There are 5 beautiful pattern and colour combos that will suit anyone's style!


Enjoy convenient and discreet breastfeeding in public or at home. These are the "Pretty Well Covered" brand of Coverlets! They are made from stylish light-weight and breathable fabric. The sheer fabric enables you to enjoy eye contact with your baby whilst maintaining privacy.
  • Invented by a mum
  • Easy on/off garment without clips or ties
  • Comes in three sizes to provide coverage for your back and post-baby belly
  • Comes with a cute and compact organza drawstring purse
  • Made from fabulous material that doesn't crease
  • Wear it any time - anywhere
  • Available in a variety of colours - Please see below and photos for more details!

Small suits 6-8
Medium suits 10-12
Large suits 14+

Teal (S, M & L)
Purple (S, M & L)
Navy/Pink (S, M & L)
Black (small only)
Brown (small and large only).

More stock will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Have a look at what some happy customers have already said about these!

"I always felt nervous about feeding bub in public. Then a friend of mine recommended the coverlet, and it's been fantastic. I can feed anywhere now!"
- Melinda

"I had a lovely floral/brown one of these when I was breastfeeding my daughter. It came in soooo handy when out and about feeding. Then it just fitted into my handbag ready to be pulled out at the next feed!"
- Louise

"These are great! Lightweight (especially good in hot weather) and simple to slip on & off without drawing attention to myself. I also like the fact that I could leave it scrunched up in my bag and it never came out creased!"

"So glad to find a cover that doesn't cover you from chin to knee, and is so light and small you can scrunch it in your bag without taking any space. Thank you!!!!!!!!"
- Jo-Anne

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good morning Bugz Loverz!!!

This weekend we took the WHOLE weekend off (Well apart from filling my addiction to making up some new products for the shop!).
We headed out to the Handmade Children's Markets in Melville/Booragoon and saw some GREAT WAHM businesses. Jump on and tell us about yourselves on Facebook if you were there!

ANYWAYS! It is Monday so it is time to get back to the "real" world and start slashing some prices again for you Bugz loverz!

Today's Product of the day:

Bootiq Brijette Convertible Cot - White
1 in Stock!

Price: $360.00 $350.00

A stylish cot with hidden drop sides, the Bootiq Brijette Convertible 2 in 1 Cot - White features two adjustable base positions that will grow with your child. Once your child becomes mobile and can stand on their own, simply drop the mattress base position for safety and peace of mind. Once your little one outgrows the cots, convert this versatile sleeping option to a toddler day-bed. Two beds in one! Then you can also use it as a day bed lounge once the kids have outgrown it!


  • Cot dimensions:
    • Internal mattress size: 1300mm x 690mm x 150mm (maximum mattress thickness) NB: Mattress is sold separately.
    • Assembled dimensions: 1200mm (H) x 1360mm (L) x 750mm (W).
  • Weight: 28kg.
  • Weight Capacity: 18kg.
  • Colour: white.


  • Bootiq Brijette Convertible 2 in 1 Cot - White.
  • 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty.
  • Coverts from a cot to a toddler day-bed.
  • Two beds in one!
  • Hidden drop sides - one hand action.
  • 2 adjustable base positions.
  • 4 lockable castors - removable.
  • Suitable from newborn to toddler.
  • Cot dimensions:
    • Internal mattress size: 1300mm x 690mm x 150mm (maximum mattress thickness) NB: Mattress is sold separately.
    • Assembled dimensions: 1200mm (H) x 1360mm (L) x 750mm (W).
  • Weight: 28kg.
  • Weight Capacity: 18kg.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Too much news for just 1 entry!!!


We've just got so much on we've had to write another mini newsletter entry!

It's the grand debut of our ad on Speed FM tonight... To hear it though you'll have to sign up to their live feed. It's cheap and it's easy... It's FREE! Click HERE to go through to their site. Let us know what you think of our little ad!

While that is all going on we'll be driving down to Busselton for the Vasse Markets tomorrow morning! This is our first REAL market setting so we'll be using it as a real trial run for our bigger markets. But we LOVE Down South so we'll be making the most of it!

TOMORROW (Saturday)
Vasse Markets and held in the Vasse Community Hall on the first and third Saturdays of every month. We'll be there and so will our Mother-in-law (Organic Tomatos and seedlings!) along with a MASSIVE group of other things!!!

Because we will be away from the keyboard over the weekend, we are going to extend yesterday's catch deal which is 20% off the entire Love Bugz Range of products!