Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Rocking Chair has arrived!

In keeping with our company's promise to never sell anything that we wouldn't buy ourselves - we went out and bought one of the Booshwazee Rocking chairs that we are selling at the moment!

We were SO excited at it's arrival that we just had to blog our photo journey of putting it together... photos of it happily in use to follow!


Hi there!
My name is Kirsty Holland and I am the owner of the newly-formed Beetle Bugz Australia!
We are a family run-business from Western Australia and we seek to bring together the best products for Mum, Bub and your family!

The reason why we started Beetle Bugz is so that we could share all the fantastic things we have found as we work towards being the best parents we can be! There are so many wonderful products and services out there today to help parents, we just want to make it as easy and cheap as possible to bring all these things to you!

To start with we will be running our company through Ebay under the Username "Beetlebugz". We are in the process of creating our shopfront and have started by bringing affordable and great quality baby furniture to the market!

In time we will be adding Cloth Nappies, Mumma Pads, Breast Pads, Nappy bags and many other things that we have found to make life not only easier and more affordable, but more enjoyable! Being a family is THE best part of life... we want everyone to be able to have as much fun doing it as we are!

Thanks for supporting us and we look forward to servicing you and your family in the future