Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Keeping Baby Snug and Safe!

In keeping with our company's ideals of bringing things to our customers that we know will not only get alot of use but will be really affordable, we bring you 2 new products this week!

Our Baby carriers leave the big brands for dead. These ones are blue, well padded and can handle a kid up to 12kgs (The question at this point is do you want to!? But they are certainly handy for all those weight ranges in between!). These are great for when you just have to run into the shops and don't want to lug the pram and there aren't any kid-friendly shopping trolleys around!

Check them out at:

The Swaddler wraps are a 2 pack in either Pink or Blue and give baby that "Still in the womb" feeling! Swaddling baby not only damps their startle reflex to help them sleep longer and to drop off quicker, they are also a SIDS recommended item of bedding. So why not grab 2 for the price of 1 of the big brands and enjoy the convenience of always having a spare when one of "those" incidents happen!

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